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Our experience has shown time and time again that attitudes and values are as important as experience and qualifications. Employing the right staff is vital to the success of your business, here are some tips on how to attract and retain talented people.

  • Ensure your Employment Documentation and Policies are in line with current Fairwork Act & National Employment Standard requirements and Job Descriptions for all positions in your company are current, relevant, reviewed annually, in use and signed as accepted by all staff.
  • Keep staff informed of major decisions, ideally before the press release.
  • Succession planning is critical we never know what is around the corner. Involve staff wherever you can in order to give them buy-in.
  • Recruit the best talent you can find - this can include Managers employing people more experienced than themselves.
  • Delegate and allow staff to be responsible so that they may grow. Give people the chance to develop and utilise their talents.
  • Do your best to communicate the company philosophy and expectations of each individual.
  • Give informal / formal feedback through regular reviews and communication.
  • Create opportunities for your high performers to keep them motivated.
  • Have an open door policy and listen to your staff. They can often carry a wealth of information and have some excellent ideas.
  • If you receive a complaint, act on it immediately. One bad apple will spoil the whole box!
  • Do your best to create a relaxed, friendly environment. Statistics show this type of workplace is more productive than a formal, rigid one.
  • When interviewing for new staff ensure that you are accurate in your requirements and expectations of that position. One of the most common complaints from candidates is that the job is not what was described at the interview. A great source of information is an Exit Interview with the staff member leaving.
  • Ensure all staff are fully trained and aware of company Policies in line with current Fairwork Act 2009 requirements.
  • Make sure you get some work-life balance and enjoy life. No one likes a grumpy boss!
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